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Stain & Finishing Oil - Natural - Fusion Mineral Paint

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Fusion Mineral Paint Stain & Finishing Oil All in One Wood Finish. Fusion stain & top coat combo offers exceptional durability in high traffic areas like table tops, kitchen cabinets and even flooring. 

Can be used on bare wood, or over previously painted surfaces for a faux effect. Use the Natural colour over Fusion Mineral Paint colours to increase the sheen and offer superior durability.

The natural is fantastic for dark colours if you struggle with  water based topcoats clouding/ hazing. The natural has a tiny amount of yellow tint to it, and is oil based so will yellow very slightly over time on whites .

This Stain and Finishing Oil All in One is your go to solution to bare wood to show off the grain, yet change the colour to your desire. Comes in 6 gorgeous colours. 

It does not leave a surface film that sits on top, rather it soaks in and becomes part of your wood. Wipe on and wipe off a little goes a very very long way, highly pigmented  Ideal for table tops as it is resistant to scratches abrasions and can be washed over and over again.

This is a highly concentrated solvent oil blend so a little will go a long way

This container will cover what 1 Litre of comparable stains do on the market giving you 2 to 3 times more coverage than any water-based stains.

Volume: 237ml

Apply it with a brush, or rag, and wipe away the excess. Check out Fusion Mineral Paints applicator pad to apply and wipe back!